IV For Life with Dr. Bogdan Popa realized early on he wanted to help others like him who needed to feel better quickly. As the years went by the scope of this small project grew into something far greater. He learned a lot about the broad applications of IV nutrients and added extensively to his own knowledge base by pursuing a fellowship in Functional Medicine.

This education confirmed what my gut instincts had lead me to believe earlier, a truth that is at the very heart of IV for Life. It is this …“IV therapy is like the urgent care of Functional Medicine…” it allows for an immediate effect while other dietary, lifestyle and supplement choices start to work on their own more slowly.

That is why he designed IV for Life to offer IV treatments that lead to immediate results. IV infusion therapy can help you recover quickly from a broad array of conditions from dehydration to headaches. It can help you maintain vibrant health for life. And it can even be used in the treatment of involved conditions like chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, and cancer.

IV therapy was a critical part of the his personal recovery, the science is solid, and it is his personal mission to provide as many people as he can the opportunity to take advantage of a treatment he believes is the best kept secret in medicine.

Bogdan Popa IV For Life

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  1. Thank you for your help, my wife Cristina is very active and wasn’t feeling well, your IV has really helped.She hates medication and this is a great alternative. We appreciate your help!! Your Staff is pretty cool too

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