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Our New Tasks Management System Is Ready

Over the next few weeks, all of our customers (including you reading this) will be given a special email address for any and all tasks that you require action from our team at Yakadanda.
Online Project Management Software Tools Zoho Projects

Why A New System?

Good question! As our company has evolved –  using basic email as a tool for tasks has just become inefficient for our customers and become much more difficult to keep track of. By having a system to handle all tasks, we will know every single task, completed, outstanding and on hold for every single customer.

We have spent countless hours making this as easy for our customers as possible – testing multiple platforms over the past 9 months. We have settled on Zoho Projects as it allows you to continue using your email to send us tasks. With only one change. You will each receive a unique email address to send tasks to.

What do you do?

In the coming days, you will receive an email with instructions to join our Zoho Project Management System.

  1. Just simply follow the prompts and sign up.
  2. Create a Contact for Your New Tasks Email (See Images Below)
  3. From there it is just a matter of sending all tasks to that email address.

Note: You can also login to your FREE account on Zoho to add a task.

Setting Up Contacts
Setting up your New Email In Your Contacts
Setting Up an Email
Setting Up an Email Correctly

Sending us Tasks

Each customer will receive a unique email address. All you need to do – and what we recommend is you add that email address under my company or my name in your contacts. I suggest you name the contact Yakadanda Tasks or Peter Ricci Tasks (something you will remember).

After this, every time you need us to action something, you just send a task to that email address

Useful Hints for Email Tasks

Subject Field: Describe the Task in Subject Field

First Line: If the tasks refer to a certain page or post, put the link to that page and post on the first line.

Description: Describe the task as you would normally in the description.

Attachments: Add Attachments such as images or documents to the Email (we will get them as well)

Sending us The Task Correctly
Sending us The Task Correctly


As you can see, after the initial setup – we have made it as easy as sending an email. Which in essence it is. All we ask is that you spend the time on the task so that we save both of our times with back and forth.


If you have a question or a comment, just email me as normal. if you want to set up a time to discuss anything. Click here to book a call.