To add a new user to your Google Business Listing. Log in to Google My Business and on the left-hand menu select User, type in the email address of the user you want to add and then select the role.

Add [email protected] as a Manager

Animation of Adding a New User

User Roles – Google My Business

There are 3 types of users for listings: owners, managers, and site managers. When owners add users, they share the management of a listing with multiple people but don’t have to share their password. (Google Groups cannot be added as managers or owners of listings.)

Owners: Each listing can have multiple owners, but only one primary owner. Owners and primary owners have the same capabilities, but a primary owner cannot remove themselves from a listing until they transfer their primary ownership to another user. However, all owners can add other users to share the management of a listing without having to share their password.

Managers: Managers have most of the capabilities of an owner, but don’t have more sensitive capabilities (e.g. power to remove the listing or managing users).

Site managers: Site managers have most of the capabilities of a manager, but don’t have access to edit all business information. When signed in to Google My Business, a site manager can request to upgrade to a listing manager or owner of a verified listing. The listing owner can approve or deny the request.