Fee Schedule

Updated Jan 1st 2019

January 1st 2019 Fee Schedule

Once every 5 Years we upgrade our all our FEES by 10%. This represents a meager 2% FEE increase per year to cover the increasing costs of running our business! The next FEE increase will be on the annual fees for 2019! We will also be introducing a new fee structure based on the type of sites and e-commerce activities of those sites.

Hosting, Support Upgrades

Includes any support by email, phone or web, we spend on average over 60 hours per year per site we host and manage. If you would like to see the annual activities we undertake just for hosting and managing your website.
  • WordPress Core – 16 Hours
  • WordPress Plug-ins – 20 Hours
  • Theme Frameworks – 30 Hours

e-Commerce Websites

From 2019 we will be introducing additional fees for all e-Commerce Web sites, these require additional maintenance and support.
  • Additional $240 Per Annum
  • YITH Plugins Integration $100 Per Annum
  • Woo Plugins Integration $100 Per Annum
  • Shopify Store Support $1,320 Per Annum

G-Suite (Formerly Google Apps)

From 2019 we will be introducing additional fees for all Google Apps Accounts. Currently, they are $5 per month per user. This will increase to $7 per month per user (yes we will make $2 per month) and if you want these supported by us (meaning help with creating user accounts, removing people, migrating people etc they will be $10 per user per month. This will come in two packages Basic and Supported.

Podcasts and Videos

Vimeo allows you to control videos on your website, from colors, end sequences etc. Our annual fees will be based on your subscription type to Vimeo which we pay for on your behalf. Soundcloud is for Audio Podcasting.
  • Vimeo Plus $12 USD PM
  • Vimeo Pro $30 USD PM
  • Soundcloud Pro $12 USD PM
  • Soundcloud Pro Unlimited $25 USD PM

Other Services

We also manage domain name registration and although these are normally paid every two years, we split it in half and pay annual fees. Affiliate Pro is an application to manage your affiliates which takes quite a bit to setup correctly
  • Affiliate Pro $360 Per Annum
  • WP-Rocket – Speed, Caching – $360 Per Annum
  • Domain Name Registration and Management $20 Per Annum