Your Invoices from Yakadanda

Your 2018-2019 Invoice Fully Itemized​

Your 2019-2020 Invoice is fully itemized. You will notice some extra items now added to your invoice – all of you will see SSL Certificates added to invoice and ones with Online Stores will see YITH and WooCommerce Apps added. These are all optional, however, if you have any Apps that we pay for you will be invoiced next year for these. Of course, you can opt -out or purchase these independent yourselves.

Although SSL is essential now for all websites, we are providing the install and set up free of charge for all new customers with SSL. Current customers who have previously added SSL in past years will see a 75% reduction in ongoing fees.

You can pay your invoice by clicking on the link in the attached invoice. If you have a PayPal Account you can pay directly from your PayPal Account.

If you do not have Paypal Account, just click on the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” below on Paypal and pay with your Credit or Debit Card.


Maintenance, Hosting, Support, Upgrades Hosting Fees

Hosting is only a minor cost component of a website. Having a secure and reliable WordPress website means keeping WordPress, the plugins and theme frameworks up to date on a regular basis.

In 2019 on average each site had 60 person-hours of support for their websites. WordPress was upgraded 9 times in 2019 with WordPress 5.5 being released imminently. All of our sites are up to date!

In 2019 your plugins were on average upgraded 35 times per website and your framework was upgraded 39 times. All of this requires us to manually backup your site, perform upgrades, then run tests across your websites.

If these upgrades are not performed, then your site has a risk of being insecure (security patches) and out of date. You can read all about our ongoing support and upgrades here.

Thank You