Let’s face it, you need a web developer that knows the business your business and understands where you strengths and shortfalls are in – relation to content. Peter Ricci from Yakadanda can help you to understand why content, directed at the audience you want to bring to your practice is one of the most critical factors in turning your website into a growth machine! 

Managing your Website

Managing a successful website is made up of a number of components, that put together will allow you to concentrate on the content, knowing you have a partner that understands your medical practices needs both now and going forward. All of the below are included in our managing plan.

Site Health

  • Systems
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Database
  • Scripts

Included Site Support

  • Hosting
  • SEO and Content Strategies
  • Updates
  • Reputation Initial Support
  • Content Support

Additional Optional Support

  • Reputation Management
  • Newsletter Management

Managing your Website Systems

WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) is the underlying core that runs all your website. This is updated in two different variants, one is a major release, and the other a point release. Major releases (Example 5.4, 5.5) usually contain updates and new features, whilst point releases (Example 5.4.1, 5.4.2) usually contain security patches up minor updates. Point releases must be upgraded immediately and usually means dropping everything to do these. There are normally about 4 of these per year.

Note: Not upgrading point releases will almost certainly mean your site is open to hacking. This is why we need to drop everything for these releases.

Managing your Website Themes

Themes are basically skins that are placed on top of your website. They can be used as a total solution (ie layout as per purchased theme) or as a framework, examples of these would be the Genesis, Themify (not a favorite of mine) and many others.

The most important aspects of any theme you choose is as follows:

  • Popularity – Professional
  • Support
  • Extensibility
  • Child Capability

The popularity of a theme and whether it is a professional theme (paid) usually mean two things, the more popular a theme, the more people will report on bugs, request upgrades.

If it is a professional theme (paid) usually means when combining the two it is well supported by the creator, this means fewer headaches for you going forward.

Usually when you combine the two above will mean its extensibility will also be greater. Things like support for social media integrations like Facebook, Instagram etc, popular plugins like Gravity Forms, 3rd party services like Paypal and WooCommerce will also be supported. Then there are page builders like Elementor, Visual Composer.

A child theme allows you to upgrade the parent theme without overwriting any custom development created on your site. We make sure your child theme is up to code and running fine along with upgrades.

Notes: So, as you can see, the popularity of your theme is just so important. We make sure your parent theme is always up to date.

Managing your Website Plugins

Plugins are basically extensions of your site. Having the right set of plugins is critical to delivering the kinds of solutions to your customers and your front medical office. You want to sell supplements or services, there is a plugin that allows you to do this. You want to have website forms for your medical practice, there is a plugin for this, you want to promote your newsletter, there is a plugin for this, you want to automatically update your newsletter lists such as MailChimp, there is a plugin for this. In fact, there is almost always a plugin for what you are looking to achieve.

We make sure all of your plugins are up to date and that you have all the best plugins to deliver the services you need.

Notes: Again popularity is the most important thing when choosing a plugin. We only choose plugins that are well supported and have an extensive range of features. You just have to sometimes adjust your requirements to suit what the plugin achieves.

Managing your Website Database

We routinely adjust your database to ensure it is running at the most optimized state. overtime every database can become bloated with extraneous data.

  • Optimize performance by delivering the requested output each time the user visits at speed.
  • Remove unwanted and corrupted files and documents.
  • Stores backups of all data stored in the database routinely.

Notes: All of our sites and databases are backed up daily.


Javascript files can slow your site down considerably. External scripts like Google Analytics, Facebook, etc need to be managed accordingly. We make sure scripts are optimized for effective delivery.

Included Site Support


All of the sites are hosted on our own Premium Servers with WP Engine. We do manage a handful of sites that are hosted by 3rd parties, but there are additional monthly costs associated with this. The reason for this is the extra time taken to manage, learn, and use an external platform.

SEO and Content Strategy

Initially we work with you to devise a content plan that works for you. We provide our recommendations and you provide your abilities to meet those recommendations.

We perform a deep dive into both your content and your competitors content, we find gaps between what you are trying to achieve and actually achieving a create a strategy that is measurable by you and your time.

We meet monthly to go over the strategy and determine the success and otherwise of these strategies and adjust accordingly.


Included in this are periodic updates to your content. This may include one or two blogs per month. We also create training screen recordings of blogs you update with suggestions to improve these.

Periodic updates to pages and files such as patient forms and pricing can also be performed under this package.

Review Systems

We work with you to create a system to get reviews for your business. Your practice’s online reputation is vital to retain and attract new patients. You must have a strategy for this, otherwise the majority of reviews could be negative, impacting your ability to attract new business without you knowing it.

Content Support

We provide content support for any major updates to your pages. We want you to be able to perform as many of these simple tasks yourself. So we create screen recordings, which are recorded, password protected and stored in a secure spreadsheet for your reuse at a later date.

Optional Additional Support

Reputation Management

Your practice’s online reputation is vital to retain and attract new patients. Managing and monitoring your Google My Business Listings, Yelp, Yellow Pages and Doctor Review websites for your practice and ensuring your medical practices the tools and knowhow to boost local listing revenue. We monitor review websites monthly to make sure you are always on top of your reputation online.

We also create a strategy and templates to focus on different review websites when needed. If you would like to talk to us call Peter today or email us