At Informed Fitness & Paddleboard Tours Vancouver we pride ourselves on creating social fitness and personalised lifestyle programs with a belief that fitness should be focused on fun. So many programs are based around sacrifice and toil, we on the other hand have a firm belief that you can achieve the same goals by creating a personalized based around your interests in a fun environment with like minded people. We also include elements of yoga, functional training, cardio conditioning, outdoor training in all conditions and plyometrics to keep my clients and their bodies guessing. We bring my passion, dedication, and love for changing lives into every session.

Our client base ranges from athletes in training, corporate executives, brides & grooms to be, professional dancers, actors, bodybuilders, fitness models, musicians to new and expectant mothers on down to the average joe black. There is no greater high than helping someone change their life by becoming a healthier individual and having fun in the process.

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