The Coronavirus Opportunity - A Functional Perspective

The Coronavirus Opportunity – A Functional Perspective

I should preface this Coronavirus article with the somewhat crass term ‘opportunity’ given the situation. However, the opportunity to educate your audience and build yourself a platform of programs and services to offer your customers is an opportunity for good! Whilst it will more than likely be the role of traditional medicine to create a vaccine for the Coronavirus, there can be some valuable lessons for governments of the world with one the key tenets of Functional Medicine movement – that of preventative medicine.

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The Trinity of Great SEO For Medical Practices – Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Keyword Tool

Great SEO content starts and ends at the research core. If you don’t know how to flourish your articles and content with the SEO keyphrases then you will miss out on valuable traffic. So we are going to go through your the three main ingredients you need to write great articles, that attract the audience you are looking to come to your site and medical practice.

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