The Coronavirus Opportunity - A Functional Perspective

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The Coronavirus Opportunity – A Functional Perspective

I should preface this Coronavirus article with the somewhat crass term 'opportunity' given the situation. However, the opportunity to educate your audience and build yourself a platform of programs and services to offer your customers is an opportunity for good! Whilst it will more than likely be the role of traditional medicine to create a vaccine for the Coronavirus, there can be some valuable lessons for governments of the world with one the key tenets of Functional Medicine movement - that of preventative medicine.

Whilst it will more than likely be the role of traditional medicine to create a vaccine for the Coronavirus

There will be some valuable lessons to be learned for the governments of the world.

And the number one lesson is actually one the key tenets of the Functional Medicine movement – that of preventative medicine.

Preventative Medicine – Preventative Planning

If you have turned on the morning television over the past decade, or follow the functional medicine industry – you would have come across a man named Dr. Mark Hyman.

Mark has been banging on for years about the important role the government and communities should play in preventative medicine for their constituents.

The theory is pretty soundly based, invest now, save later – not something governments like doing.

Infrastructure Investment Rarely Happens

Governments, for the most part, don’t invest in preventing something that might happen in the future – preferring to always leave it for the next government in office.

It is also usually the first thing that they cut in budgets.

Why? Because it costs money now, and they don’t see an immediate result!

This is why every government talks about investing in infrastructure (roads, bridges) and few rarely ever do.

With the Coronavirus and how the world has come to a standstill, this will no doubt make governments rethink about prevention and planning going forward.

Coronavirus – An Opportunity for Functional and Integrative Medicine Practitioners

The Coronavirus presents an opportunity for Functional and Integrative Medicine Practitioners to create new or improve existing programs.

These programs can be created around people building up their immune systems through diet and supplementation.

There will, of course, be a rush of fake and scams (we are already seeing this from the worst here and here).

Functional and Integrative Medicine Practitioners can create in-practice programs

You can also offer these programs online based around solid immunity science for people to be able to access and learn at the practice or from home.

The Coronavirus Immunity Survival Kit – Guide

You can also create mini immunity survival kits and guides.

The guide may be something to giveaway to get people subscribed to your newsletter and the kit something you sell.

This should be based around something everyone should have plenty of supply and in storage for when a situation like we are going through now arises.

Coronavirus Education

Build articles around immunity and the coronavirus to educate your audience, start with articles around

  • What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
  • What are the Symptoms?
  • Are there any Cures?
  • How do the tests work?
  • How long does testing for coronavirus take?
  • Who you must trust for information (and who not to)
  • What does Pandemic mean?
  • Who are the greatest people at risk?
  • Are people who have asthma at greater risk?
  • What’s the best way to wash your hands?
  • Is the virus passing from person to person out in the community?
  • Where can I go? And places to Avoid!
  • Does air travel increase the risk of getting infected?
  • Can you catch coronavirus through air conditioning?
  • How can the virus kill you?
  • How do you disinfect your stuff to try and keep it coronavirus free?
  • Flu shots, who should get them?
  • Can you get coronavirus if an infected person touches fruit and vegetables at the supermarket?
  • What does self-isolation mean?
  • Can you get coronavirus from the mail from overseas? What about other surfaces?
  • Have there been any confirmed cases of children or infants contracting the disease?

CD Fact Files

Summing Up

Yes, this is an international tragedy, where many leaders and governments have been found wanting!

You as leaders in your communities should get out in front of this – as this is not going away anytime soon and will no doubt repeat itself in the future.

Note: Image Source: Wikipedia


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