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Episode 1: Creating an SEO Rich WordPress Post

Episode 1: Creating an SEO Rich WordPress Post

When thinking about writing an SEO Rich post on your WordPress Blog, you want to first think about your title and first paragraph. Let's call this your marketing paragraph. It should be set up to explain exactly what the article is about. In this case, we are talking about creating a WordPress blog post which will be SEO Rich.
Creating a SEO Rich WordPress Post

What is an SEO Rich Blog Post?

An SEO Rich post will contain certain natural key phrases that your target audience may use when searching the Internet. Natural key phrases which in my case would be examples such as, “functional medicine website design,” ‘dental practice website design.”  As my company Yakadanda – specializes in functional medicine websites, I would want to concentrate on those terms to get better results. Using Google Search Console to monitor phrases and my performance over time and Google Analytics to track results.

What are Natural Keyphrases and Why We use them?

Think about it, every time you search, someone is winning that SEO battle to get you to visit them, whether it be news, shopping, education, images, and even maps. Now think about using a search phrase. Let’s say I wanted to find a Functional Medicine Practitioner in Miami. I am not going to type in “Doctor” or even “Functional Medicine Practitioner,” I am normally going to assign a city. So I would type in “Functional Medicine Practitioner Miami” or “Functional Medicine Practitioner Miami Beach.”  The same can be said if I am looking for a Nutritionist, I will assign an area. So natural keyphrases are words that real people use!

Using Google Search Console with Google Adwords Keyword Planner

You should be using Google Search Console and Google Adwords Keyword Planner you can find the words and phrases that are going to bring you the customers you want. Start with the Keyword Planner and may out 20 or 30 words and phrases that you want to rank in search with. Be realistic. If you are a functional medicine practitioner that wants to attract people to your office then make sure you work on words and phrases that are going to get you results. Once you have that list start by using Google Search Console by looking up those phrases to see where you are currently ranked. You can download CSV files so that you can track your progress.

Creating The Service Pages

Your first step should be creating Services pages, for all of the services you offer. Make sure these are well fleshed out. Service pages should have a good description of the service you offer, maybe even an introduction video, F.A.Q, related articles, related tagged Instagrams and videos pulled from playlists on your YouTube. Each page should also have a Booking Button or Form.

Creating The SEO Rich Blog Post

Once you have the words and phrases, your current search rankings you can then start weaving these phrases into your articles, each time you weave one of these phrases into your articles, you should link those phrases to the corresponding service pages.

Finding the Right Image

Images don’t have to be related, but they do need to compliment the post, there are some really good FREE photo websites now, these websites feature photos from a range of photographers that offer their professional photos for free (you may want to credit them though) here a few examples;

After you download the image, make sure you rename the image. I rename all images to the post title, minus stop words. So this image is going to be called creating_SEO_rich_wordpress_post.jpg. This will also help with my SEO. I also use Canva to make sure when sharing the image also carries some information about the post.

Finishing Off

Finish off your post with some final polish. A nice little marketing description of your post will do this nicely. Keep a copy of this in a text document for sharing on social media. Add some tags (make sure they are content relevant and you should be good to go.

Posting AND Sharing…

When is a good time to post? Interestingly, it is different depending on your industry. Sprout Social has an interesting article that shows the best times to post by industry. Click here to view this article. Once you have your post ready, your marketing paragraph complete and are ready to post, you should let it loose. Make sure you share it on all of the popular social media sites.

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