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9. Google My Business adds new COVID-19 Post and Telehealth Links for Healthcare Providers

With the introduction of two new settings - TeleHealth Links and COVID 19 post types, Google My Business is aiding health Care providers with direct help for Integrative Functional Medicine Practitioners, to keep their patients up to date.
COVID-19 Post and Telehealth Links for Healthcare Providers

Telehealth has seen a huge update in the past 3 weeks, in fact, these services are taking up about 50% of my time trying to get these TeleHealth services added to my clients’ websites, for those that didn’t provide this service.

Google has introduced two new settings for Google My Business – directly for healthcare providers and this helps and Functional & Integrative Medicine Practitioners keep their patients and prospects up to date.

1. COVID-19 Post Type

The COVID-19 Post Type allows you to inform anyone viewing your business what your current status is in relation to opening hours and services/treatment availability.

All you need to do is log in to your Google My Business Page and go to Create Post on the Dashboard and add a COVID-19 post.

You can also link to more details on your website.

COVID-19 Post Type Google My Business

Pro Tip: Always make sure you are logged in first to your Gmail before going to GMB. Saves a little bit of time!

2. TeleHealth Link

All you need to do to add your Google My Business teleHealth Link is to login to Google My Business and click on “Info” on left hand menu.

Then scroll down until you see the Telehealth Link and add the link to your Telehealth Services page or directly into your TeleHealth Booking System.

Well, that’s it TeleHealth is going to be a large part of the services for Functional and Integrative medicine practitioners going forward. I hoped you enjoyed this series.



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